Dust and Dirt book | Nancy Drew: Alibi in Ashes

 Go to Alexei at the antique shop. Talk to him and ask for advice.
Learn more about the tunnels. Alexei's clue is a book on the shelf that should be read cover to cover.
Dust and Dirt book:    Turn around from Alexei and forward to the shelf left of the trunk.
Take and read the Dust and Dirt book. Turn to the back of the book and examine the 2 sheets of paper.
There's a hidden entrance in front of the antique shop. Aha!
Shape puzzle:    See a sequence of 6 shapes in 5 frames.
The 6th frame is one of the 3 frames below. Which one is it?
Choose the correct letter and then follow the rules of the selected letter in the next page to navigate the tunnels.
The 6th frame is C (junior); B (senior).

Tunnel navigation clues:    Check the next page and see that Option C (junior) or B (senior) show several criteria.

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