Bess' interview | Nancy Drew: Alibi in Ashes

Call Brenda. Answer the recording - yes for reporting breaking news.
Go to the antique shop. Enter the van and see that Brenda is gone.
Check the isopropyl alcohol beside the microphone on the counter.

Bess' interview:    Look close at the monitor and play (press green arrow) Bess' interview. See Deirdre at background talking on her cell phone.

Find out what Deirdre is saying on the tape:    See the audio panel at right of the monitor.
There are 5 channels and they are labeled on top for the levels and the bottom is for frequency.
Adjust each channel's sound frequency and level so that Deirdre's voice is isolated and the others are removed.
Move the buttons on each channel. Listen to find where Deirdre's voice is the loudest and the main sound as shown by label - me, Bess... is the least heard.
Do one channel at a time to blank out the other sounds.
Once the adjustment is correct the slider arrow cannot be moved anymore and the numbers turns green.
When all are adjusted; press the play button. Hear that Deirdre couldn't find something; she knows it is here.

Channel 1 level = ~ 35.
Channel 2 level = ~75.
Channel 3 level = ~96 to 100.
Channel 4 level = ~50.
Channel 5 level = ~100.
Me frequency = ~93
Bess frequency = -87 to -99
Cars frequency = ~27.
Birds frequency = -73 to 83.
Bugs frequency = -100.

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