Tunnel maze | Nancy Drew: Alibi in Ashes

Look for another way out:
The timer starts. You can save throughout the tunnel part of the game and it will stop the timer.
Turn around from door. See a pile of carton boxes right of desk.
Move the boxes out of the way to reveal a rusted door.
Use the screwdriver taken from the alcohol boxes on the hinges of the rusted door. Exit.
Tunnel maze:

See the start of the tunnel maze.
Follow Option C clues from the Dust and Dirt book to select which is the correct door to go through next.
Remember which door you came out of and then turn right or left to check the icons and number of doors in that room.
Then use the rules of option C. Good luck.
This chart goes left to right. Go to the door with the shown icon and then go through that door to the next room.

Go forward and climb the metal ladder. Go up on another metal ladder to the hatch cover.
Take The Clues Challenge medallion hanging from the hatch. Exit.
Enter the Police Station. Nancy reports to Chief McGinnis.
Watch the live broadcast from the burned Town Hall.

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