Nancy Drew | Shadow at the Water's Edge | Part 9 Master Sudoku

More at the Ryokan:
Go back to Misawa.
Pick up the envelope left at the front desk. It is the puzzle that George sent in order to get the robocat commands.

Master Sudoku:
Open the paper George sent. It is a master sudoku made up of 5 interlocking sudoku puzzles.



Nancy will tell you if it is done correctly. Alright, I'm pretty good at this!
Go back to your room. Get an envelope from the brown journal and click the finished master sudoku on it. Automatically write George Fayne on the envelope.
Give the envelope to Miwako at the front desk.

Robocat command:
Get a call from George or give her a call. The command to control Suki is mate. Learn more commands from Bess.

Nancy's room: Go to room and see that Nancy's name is now in red. Set the alarm for 1AM.
Front desk:
Go to back of front desk.
Suki: Talk to Suki and give her the new commands learned from Bess and George.
See her do a lot of tricks. Lastly, use the command Mate. Suki sleeps.


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