Jammer connection | Nancy Drew: Alibi in Ashes

Go home to Drew house. Talk to George at the living room.
She needs a battery for something that can stop Brenda's broadcast.
Go upstairs to Nancy's bedroom. Take the battery left of the false teeth from the top drawer of the desk.
Go back down to the living room.
A stone was thrown and breaks the window. It has a nasty note about arsonists. The townspeople are beginning to rise against Nancy.
Jammer connection:    Nancy gives the battery to George.
George wants Nancy to complete the connections of the jammer.
See the battery at lower left. Connect the lines to light up all the lines. All lines should be connected (no open lines). Turn the lines by clicking on it.



Take the completed jammer from the table. Nancy has to attach it to the antenna.
Go to the antiques store and enter the van.
Go forward once and turn right to see the antenna box on the right wall.
Open the antenna box.

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