Dungeon Puzzles | Nancy Drew: The Captive Curse

The goal is to move the various pegs out of the way by clicking the buttons at the bottom of the screen so that the bar doesn't hit any of the pegs and makes it safely over to the other side.

Upon completing the puzzle, Lukas will be freed. On the way out however, the two will become separated and Lukas must go for help.

Go back to the other end of the Dungeon, towards the wall relief. Nancy will be knocked unconscious.
When Nancy comes-to, she'll she's fallen through the trap door. Go forward and check the wall on the right to see a brick door with several images on it.

The clue to solving this puzzle is hidden in the Legend pages- look at them in order to discover the correct images, then click on the corresponding images on the stones in the correct order

Upon completing the puzzle, the secret door will open, revealing yet another puzzle.

Place the letters into the correct slots to spell the word entkommen (escape). Placing a letter will cause it to slide over into the next position. Place the letters in the locations specified in the screenshot below (letter meaning what letter to use, number being when in the sequence to put it there).

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