Planner code | Nancy Drew: The Captive Curse

Karl's Office

Once again, you'll have to be quick. Go around Karl's desk and use the ANTIQUE KEY on the drawer to open it, then click on the day-planner.

Enter the  8-2-6-1 to unlock the planner.

Look inside the planner, reading all the pages and translating with the DICTIONARY where necessary. Note the character names, their numbers, and what color they're written in.
Exit the planner and desk and go to the wall with the Raid cards on the scales from earlier.
Click on the Raid Game Guide Book and read through it.

Remember the colors in which the character names were written, and take the number from those colored circles, for example:

- “Sea hare”-- located on the Bonaparte card, blue=5
- “Rumpelstiltskin”-- located on the Goldthumb card, yellow=13
- “Gold children”-- located on the Golden Hunter card, red=15
- “Lil Snow White”-- located on the Enchanted Mirror card, blue=11
- “Donkey”-- located on the Donkey King card, green=9
(Note: You must read/flip the pages of the entire guide for the next part to work!)

Now that you've noted those numbers, go to the cabinet left of the desk. Click on the decorative wood on the upper right to reveal a secret keypad.

Input the code correctly: 5 (enter), 13 (enter), 15 (enter), 11 (enter), 9 (enter). All the red lights should now be green and the cabinet unlocked.

Check the employee files inside the cabinet and read Anja's resume. Nancy will note the phone number for Castle Cast.

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