Find the Evidence Locker Key | Nancy Drew: Alibi in Ashes

Go near the Chief's office door and eavesdrop on the call. It seems that Detective Ryan lost the evidence locker key. He thinks he lost it at Pancake City.
Go back to your cell and use the phone. Call Ned or George to ask help finding the key. Transfer the case.
George or Ned:   
Follow Detective Ryan's trail:    Exit the area and be at map. Go to the places Detective Ryan visited.
Pancake City is below the Riverfront Park at bottom of the map. Mabel Rose's is close to top left of the map.
The Antiques Shop is at middle of the map above the river.
Wardenclyffe Antiques:    Read the August 18 newspaper on the stand in front of the antique store. Learn that the Time Capsule talk was rescheduled because of electrical problem.
Enter the shop. 
Talk to Alexei who is cleaning a telescope. Detective Ryan was here and left an item at the new arrival shelf.
Get the key: Turn around and go forward to the shelving right of the desk. Look close at the item with black and white striped leaves. There's a key under there.
The aim of the puzzle is to retract all the bars at the center to access the key underneath.
Press the buttons to see which bars retract. Pulling back resets the puzzle.
Drive to the police station and drop the evidence locker key in the package drop. Call Nancy and transfer the case.

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