Antenna box | Nancy Drew: Alibi in Ashes

Hook the jammer to Brenda's van:
Antenna colored wires connection:    Place the jammer at right slot.
Connect the wheels of the same color without the wires crossing another wire.
Click on a colored wheel. Move the cursor with lit wire on the path you want the wire to go through. Once the wire reaches the other similarly colored wheel - do not click - leave the lit wire there and work on another wheel.
When the wires are connected and all lit up; press the activated button at bottom right.
The broadcast is jammed.
A key falls out. Take the key that has a label 5C21B.


Find a way into the tunnels:
Face the back of the van. See an active spot on the floor.
Open the floor tile and see a hatch.  Open the hatch and go down.
Turn around, forward and go left. Check each door on the left and see that they are labeled.
Go to the end of the tunnel and climb the metal ladder, you will come out to the Town Hall parking lot.
While standing at the edge of the parking lot facing the burned Town Hall pan left and see the metal hatch of the tunnel.
Go back down.
Discover what Brenda's keys opens:
5C21B door:    The door marked 5C21B is the third door from the metal ladder by the van or the town hall. It is the middle one of the 5 doors.
Use the key on the door. Enter and look around.
See a box on the left full of isopropyl alcohol; the town hall fire accelerant. Take the screwdriver from top of the far box.
Check to take the bag full of evidence on the chair. It has bottle of alcohol, snowflake, ice cube trays and matchbox.
The baddie arrives. She throws the jammer on the floor.  She confronts Nancy and then locks her in.
See a target with Nancy's silhouette right of the door.

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