Lock pick the file cabinet | Nancy Drew: Alibi in Ashes

If you haven't read the lock pick book; go to Nancy's desk in her bedroom. Open the bottom drawer and review the lock pick codes.
Decode the picture label at bottom left. The asterisks are vowels.
It states: File cabinet: Every second one.
Note that the code-picture starts with the R(ed) and goes clockwise.
Go back to Scoop. Play Swap A Lot until the delivery truck honks and Toni leaves the counter.
Use the key on the supply room door. Enter and look close at the file cabinet.

 Use the lock pick tool on the cabinet to see the case open beside the lock.
Place the colored picks in the correct order shown by the lock pick book for file cabinets. The lock pick first inserted is the one at bottom right, going clockwise.
The picture shows yellow at bottom right; red at bottom left, blue at top left and green at top right.
If a pick needs to be removed, right click it and replace with the correct one.

The "every second one" code stated by the book is:
R - Y - B - G - G - G - B - R - Y - R - B.

R is red; Y is yellow; B is blue and G is green.
Click each of the picks in order stated.

The file cabinet opens. Read the R-17 and Clean up folders.
Toni has litigation for the land use of a historic building - the town hall. She (The Heights Development) wants to replace the existing historic building with a 7 story mixed use complex. Check the letter and the picture of the building behind the front papers.
The Clean up folder has all her notes about Nancy's and her "cohorts" activities that resulted in the lowering of the city's approval rating and increased expenditures.

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