Open the Evidence Locker 205 | Nancy Drew: Alibi in Ashes

As Nancy:
Go to the hallway left of the Chief's office to be at the front desk. Do NOT exit the building.
Open the Items Received compartment on the wall. Take the evidence locker 205 key that was dropped off.
Go to the evidence locker and use the key on locker 205.
Open the top drawer and read the computer password paper. Take the suspects interrogation disk. Study the Krolmeister locking system manual.
Open the bottom drawer and take Nancy's things: cell phonehouse keys and the lock pick kit.
Unlock the middle drawer:    Read the Krolmeister manual that is at top drawer.
The aim of the puzzle is to light up the colored status bars at the bottom and have the connection indicator lines on top to be all green.
Click on the tabs outside the triangles to see which tab makes active green connections.
Press in tabs (l-r): top left, bottom, top right, bottom left and right.

Read Nancy's booking report. Learn that they found that Nancy's clothes taken during the home search have gasoline, an accelerant. Nancy wants to know what really started the fire.
Read that Toni Scallari reported the fire. The detector-alarm failed to operate due to unknown reason.
Dad-Carson Drew:    Use the cell phone and call Dad.

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