Nancy Drew | The Phantom of Venice | Part 2 | Fango's office

Get the tracking device:    Go to Campo Santa Maria Formosa.
Open the PDA and review what the tracking device looks like.

Enter the Costumi di Vera.
Save here! Immediately click using the tip of the cursor on the white pill right of the box on the left side of the shelf at back wall. You get a second chance if the pill self destruct.
Leave the store and the Campo.

Enter Fango's office:    Go to Campo del Frari. Enter the building.
See that Fango's office is locked. Looks like I have to pick this lock somehow...
Read the Sassy Detective magazine and learn how to pick a lock.

Ca' Nascosta:    Go back to Ca' Nascosta and then to the bedroom. The phone rings. Talk to Prudence Rutherford, the former owner of Ca' Nascosta. Try calling Mrs. Rutherford later and get a funny caller ID dialogue.
Take hairpins from Nancy's makeup kit inside the wardrobe.
Go back to Fango's office.

Pick the lock of office door:    Use the hairpin on the lock.
See 6 pins. The objective is to get the pins aligned to have all white on top of the line and the brown below. This is a random puzzle.

Search the room:    Look around the room.

Check the cabinet at the middle. See a Commedia dell'Arte poster of mask. Some are crossed out, except for Scaramuccia, Il Capitano, Brighella, Arlecchino and Il Dottore at the center.

Feed the pigeon:    Look close at the pigeon on the window shelf. It has yellow legs.
Place the bird seed in front of the pigeon. Place the tracking device on the seeds. Watch the bird eats it.
If unsuccessful this time, check the PDA and track the pigeon.

Hide:    Uh Oh! Fango is coming back. Immediately, go to the left of the room and enter the cabinet with the poster.
Watch as Fango moves around the office. Exit the cabinet. Put the loose poster back in place.

Computer:    Go around the desk and face the laptop.
It asks for a password. See that the icon is the mask of Il Capitano as seen in the poster.
Type in Il Capitano. Click on the chess icon and see that Gina's Chessboard server is down.
Check the trash. See that he cancelled plane reservations to Tahiti and later to Aruba.
Check all the chess logs. See that Fango plays chess with Scaramuccia.

Follow the pigeon:    Exit the office.
At the map, open the PDA. Click on 'track'. See arrows that would show where the bird has flown.
The arrows point to south and west. Go to Campo Santa Margherita, SW of the office.
See a lot of birds in front of the Casa dei Giochi which translate as House of Games.
Look for a pigeon with yellow legs and then click to see if it is the one we fed.
Take the message from the leg of the pigeon. See that the message is hello!

Click on the message in close up and the birds fly away. Automatically, Sophia calls on the PDA. She wants the message checked for a microdot.

Garbage interest:    Go to the alley left of the piazza.
See a propane tank container that has a 4 digit lock on it.
To the right is a garbage bin. Check what is inside completely.
After some interesting discarded items from previous Nancy games, read and take a Scotland Report about Colin Baxter aka Justin Mathias Beaumont.
After more previous game garbage, see  a letter to Enrico Tazza from the Doppeler Institute about Samantha Quick. Use the Italian dictionary to translate the letter. She will be coming after the Carnival. She can be identified by what she will be wearing: red dress, white gloves, black sunglasses and has blond hair.

Check the message for a microdot:
Go back to the Ca' Nascosta.
Chocolates:    See a box of chocolate on the table. It is for Il Dottore.

Go up the steps and hear the 3 talking about Nancy. Enter the Great room.
Talk to Helena and learn about her immersion to and her knowledge about the Machiano case.
Talk to Colin about the microscope. Talk to him again about the art theft. He admits his past to Nancy and learn about what Margherita asked him to do.
Microscope:    Click the message on the microscope.
Read: Il Dottore requests you to change the safe room lock combination to 43556.
Margherita:    Go up to the balcony and talk to Margherita. She gives the impression that she doesn't like Nancy.
Learn about her thoughts concerning Helena, how to make money at Rialto market and about Colin.
There's a letter on the table. Try to read it.
Report:    Go to bedroom or the bedroom balcony or to the front gate and call Sophia using the PDA.

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