Nancy Drew| The Phantom of Venice | Part 1

Prudence Rutherford, who knows Nancy from "Secret of the Scarlet Hand", has asked her to come to Venice. There Nancy go help the Italian police (GdiF)  to solve a mysterious case. Someone who is wrapped in a cape and mask and called "The Phantom"  is stealing precious works of art.
Nancy must stay undercover and must stay in the palazzo of Margherita Faubourg.

Nancy wakes up inside an ornately decorated red room. Look around the room.
Helena:    Go forward after rising from the bed. Look at the picture on the dresser. This is Helena, the roommate.
Check the postcards and the notes on the back that are on the table. Her parents and a friend are in Germany. She has friends named Killian in Chicago IL.

The phone is by Helena's bed. Go outside the balcony and see the waterways of Venice.

Look at the left side of the balcony door and see Nancy's bed. Check the bathroom by the Nancy's wardrobe. Going to the bathroom often might earn you a Lavatorio Star at end of the game.

Dress for the day:    Open the wardrobe. Open each drawer and select the outfit you want Nancy to wear: from top of her head to the shoes of choice. Changing your outfit frequently might earn you a Fashionista Star at end of the game.

Check the makeup bag on top of the drawer. See the outfit your wearing at top left of the screen. See also that the purse has 200 Euros.

Check the book: An Interactive Guide to Venice on top of the desk left of the door. Learn the history of Venice, major sights to see, the famous gelato, Commedia dell'Arte, Carnevale and learn some Common Italian words and phrases. Press the red button to hear the words pronounced.
Exit the room.

Great room:    Turn left and talk to man working on restoring the walls.

Colin Baxter:    Learn all about tesserae. He's English and studied at Oxford University. He shows his tiles. After a while pull back to stop the tile show.
See an Etruscan bronze statuette on his workbench. He mentions a package for Nancy outside.

Balcony:    Turn around from Colin and go up to the balcony

Margherita Faubourg:    Talk to the owner of Ca' Nascosta sunbathing.
Look around and see some flowers that are covered by bees.

Gate:    Exit the balcony and then through the door at right to be outside.

Helena Berg:    Go down the stairs and meet Helena abruptly.
Pick up the letters; one of which is from her friend from the US, Hildegard Killian.
Learn the assignment:

Parcel:    Pick up the parcel from the table. Take the ATM card from Banco dell' Oro.
There is an ATM machine at Piazza San Marco that should be sued to activate the card.
Read the newspaper. Learn about the latest item stolen by The Phantom - the Chalice from Convent of St Gervase.

Map:    Exit through the gate and see the map.
See that there are 3 ways to go: Black lines are by foot. The water boats (V) are on the red lines and the gondoliers are the blue lines. The gondoliers charge money; try it to have the experience but remember that you are on a budget. Hear the lovely song sang by the gondoliers and sightsee at the waterways of Venice. If you do ride with the gondoliers often to listen them sing; you might earn the Musical Muse Star at end of the game.
Click on a place to travel one leg at a time. Click again on the place with an eye icon to check some places of interest.

Piazza San Marco:    Go to Piazza San Marco at bottom right of the map.
Pigeon food:     Click to enter the bank at left. See a bird food dispenser on the left. Get some for 5 Euros.

Banco dell' Oro:    Enter the bank at left.
Use the ATM card on the slot. Read the instructions about the assignment. Antonio Fango is to be watched using the binoculars and an alert will be given by the PDA whenever he is at his office in the Argon building. The office can be seen at the balcony of Ca' Nascosta.
Press home button and then the Case Dossier. Take the PDA and binoculars.

Kiosk:    Exit the bank. Look close at the kiosk. See some things to buy.

Exit the piazza. Go back to the Ca' Nascosta.

Ca' Nascosta:    The pager beeps. Time to go to work.
Balcony:    Go up to the balcony at top of the house. Stand behind Margherita and use the binoculars on the window of the Argon building.
See Fango take something from a pigeon that landed on the window. Fango leaves the room.

Bedroom:    Nancy automatically reports to Sophia Leporace. Sophia wants the pigeon be fed a tracking device. The device is to be picked up at a costume shop in Campo Santa Maria Formosa.
Nancy has to find out where the pigeon goes and to discover what the message contains.
Call Prudence Rutherford on the phone and see if you can connect with her.

Talk to Helena.
Feed and follow the pigeon:    Exit the house.
Get the tracking device:    Go to Campo Santa Maria Formosa.

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