Nancy Drew | Warnings at Waverly Academy | part 9_Star line puzzle

Raven: Review the raven page of Hallowell's journal.
Close observation of the wedge tail, large bill, shaggy breast ruff and elegantly long primary feathers lead to a wondrous conclusion. Reconstruction of these United States will lead to an even more wondrous conclusion but that is a subject for an altogether classroom.

Set the alarm: Time to look around at night. Set the alarm to 11 PM.
Classroom: Wake up at 11 PM.
Exit the room and go down the stairs.
Go forward to the locked double door at the hallway before the snack -Rec room.

Use the student ID card on the lock of the door. Enter the classroom and turn right.

Raven: See the raven on the post by the door.
Based on Hallowell's journal; press the tail, bill, breast and primary feathers.

Easter egg: Press the eye 3 times, the wing 2 times, tail 1 time.

The map tiles drops off.
Reconstruct the map now that the Oklahoma tile found under Nancy's desk at the bedroom is taken.
Place the coast states first and then work inland.
If done correctly, the raven turns and a secret compartment is seen.

Be sure to take a picture of the map!!
Take the raven sunburst token from the raven's secret compartment.

Rachel: See Rachel with a snack tray. Nancy follows Rachel to her bedroom.
Use the student ID card to open the locked door. Enter the room and see a secret door close.
Go to the left wall by the window.

Star line puzzle: See lines with starts at each junction.
The object of the puzzle is to light up the stars without crossing over an existing line.

The next day:
Snack Shop: Open the snack shop today.
Library computer: Read the homepage and see a blizzard warning.

Go outside to the cellar door. Enter the cellar and turn on the lights.
Starburst panel: Look close at the slats with starburst indents.
The 4 starburst tokens are automatically in 4 of the indents.

Easter Egg: Place the starburst on the slat that has 4 indents.
From top to bottom: Cat, bug, gorilla and raven.
See the slats fall of revealing an Easter Egg. Take the cat Easter Egg.

Pull back and continue with regular puzzle.

The object of the puzzle is to place the tokens at the correct indents.
Remember that there is a drawing of Black Cat and words - Other Poe Stories at the last page of Rita Hallowell's journal. It must be another clue.

Review the list of Poe Stories written on the Black Cat and other Poe Stories book page.
There are 17 starburst indents on the wall.
There are 17 Poe stories written on the book.
There are dates beside the stories. Using your own game notes, arrange the stories in chronological order.
Then note the chronological number of:
The Black Cat, The Murders in the Rue Morgue (that has a notation 'The ape did it' in the book), The Raven and The Gold Bug.

Place the respective tokens in those indents.
- The gorilla token on the 6th indent.
- The bug token on the 13th indent.
- The cat token on the 14th indent.
- The raven token on the 15th indent.

A compartment is seen when the slats fall off. Open the box. Take the cellar plan and the portrait of Rita Hallowell and Usher the cat.
Hallowell and Usher picture: Take a picture of Rita Hallowell and Usher. That is the last of the Waverly icon pictures.
Study the cellar plan and see that there is a room behind the old furnace.

Waverly iconic pictures:
Time upload the pictures to be checked. Go to the library computer. Click the USB box to attach the camera.

Click on Waverly icon and then About Us. Select Why Waverly? at left bar.
Download the pictures: Hollowell and Usher; the US map, Oak tree, Arch of the Ramsey Hall door, wood inlayed emblem and the trophy.

Go to Rachel's room and talk to her. She's happy about the pictures of the icons.
Now she wants the paper written by Corine uploaded on the Pen to Paper on the website.
Exit the room.

Corine's paper:
Text message (sometime): The message states that the Black Cat has bitten Izzy Bad.
Corine: Talk to Corine about the paper. She wants a snack first.
On the way out of the room, see the second Black Cat note slipped under the door.

Snack shop: Open the snack shop.


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