Nancy Drew | Warnings at Waverly Academy | part 10_Final

Go back and give the snack sack to Corine. Take the stick drive with the essay from the desk.

Library computer: Go to the library computer. Use the stick drive on the USB box.
Click on the Waverly icon and then Academics. Click on the top right frame about winner of the Pen to Paper award. Click on download.
On the main page, open the preview folder of the essay. Read Corine's paper. So the last works of Poe disappeared.

Izzy: Talk to Izzy and find out that her paper is gone from her computer. She is definitely upset.
Rachel: Talk to Rachel in her room. They did not send the second Black Cat note.

Corine: Go back to the bedroom. Corine is not here.
Check her desk. Check the paper under the drafting papers and triangular ruler. See Izzy's password and steps to reformatting. Ah... Corine sabotaged Izzy's computer and erased her paper.
Check under the papers with the straight ruler. See a note about Cellar.

Go outside to brave the blizzard and enter the cellar door. Turn on the lights. Look around the cellar.

Furnace: Go to the old furnace at the corner. Hear a noise.

Plan: Pick up the missing modern plan right of the furnace door.
Automatically, Nancy compares that plan with the plan taken from the box with Hallowell's picture. A room is behind the furnace.
The modern plan has the label 'Dupin' and the levers of the furnace are numbered.

Last page of Hallowell's journal: Behind the Dupin grate, the black wood's chant shall someday reveal what history deemed lost, but only after someone's dogged curiosity and capacity for clear thought have proved that person to be worthy.
The Blackwood Society chant as recited by Izzy:
Three is fine but five is more. Even nineteen defeats four. Should just seven becomes lore, at least two will find the door.

Furnace plan: Study the Dupin numbered levers in the modern plan.
Turn the levers based on the Blackwood chant. A reset button is on the wall at right.
Turn the levers: 3 5 19 4 7 2. The grate opens.

Treasure: See the Black Cat with the unpublished Edgar Allan Poe book - the treasure Rita Hallowell hid.
The Black Cat takes the book and leaves Nancy locked in the cellar. The furnace door is closed.
Look at the pedestal's top and the stepping block triggers the swinging axe. The Pit and the Pendulum.

Colored stones and plate puzzle:  
Look at the mechanism on top of the stone pedestal.
Click on bottom right outside plate. Pull gold handle.
Click on top left outside plate. Pull gold handle.
Click on top right outside plate. Pull gold handle.
Click on bottom left outside plate. Pull gold handle.

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