Procession of Gods puzzle | Nancy Drew: Tomb of the Lost Queen

The procession of Gods
begins the reveal

seek them out

under the protection of the heavens

Top (L-R): Jackal, ibis and falcon.
Bottom row (L-R):    Beetle, crocodile and lion

Top (L-R): Jackal and jackal.
2nd from top: Falcon, crocodile, lion, crocodile and falcon.
3rd from top:    Crocodile, falcon, lion, beetle and beetle.
Bottom row (L-R):    Ibis and ibis.

Hint: Do the 2nd and third rows first. Arrange the heads outside the squares (either above or below where you can position the heads - move up-down or left-right).
Count the squares, spaces and then get the heads. Then position them at the squares.

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