4 Sons of Horus panel | Nancy Drew: Tomb of the Lost Queen

Explore the tomb and search for a case and check the 4 canopic jars.
Each jar has the hieroglyph of the object inside.

Take the falcon, jackal, human and baboon disks.

Read the last pages of the Relics book to learn about the Sons of Horus that gave protection over the embalmed organs.

Nancy wants a clue.
Exit and go outside the tomb and use the cell phone to talk to Prof. Beatrice Hotchkiss.

Remember the hieroglyphic translation on the panel at left and what Prof. Hotchkiss stated; place the disks taken from the canopic jars at the correct place.

Turn or click one of the disks. Hear a loud sound.

Go to the main room and see what happened. The columns changed height.

Step on the columns:

Climb the ladder beside Abdullah.
Turn around and see the top of the columns. Jump-click on the first column. Nancy jumps to the other side.

Enter the passage. Pick up the journal on the floor at the corner.
Read the journal. This must the lost expedition. It tells of a second exit.

Note the glyphs of how Beloved of Hathor is written and the glyph for Mistress at top of page.

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