Nefertari's children | Nancy Drew: Tomb of the Lost Queen

Call Prof. Hotchkiss:
Learn about Nefertari's children (sons and daughters). She wants to know who is depicted above the doors to the antechamber.

Answer Ma'at.

Enter the name of Nefertari's children from oldest to youngest with sons first:   
Amunherkhepeshef (Amun is with his strong arm)
Pareherwenemef  (Re is with his strong arm)
Meryre (beloved of Re), Meriatum (beloved of Atum).
Meritamun (beloved of Amun)
Henuttawy (mistress of 2 lands), Nettawi (lady of 2 lands)

Use the journal information taken from Professor Hotchkiss and Jon's notes and Pantheon as references to solve the puzzle.

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