Nancy Drew: Ghost of Thornton Hall | Easter Eggs

Find a way back into the room where Harper was hiding:
The door rise up to show a hole on the wall.

Use the EMF until the first lamp at the corner. Hide the EMF.
Check the lamp at left to get a close up.
Pull the brick left of lamp and take the Phantomlete egg.

Before make the Charlotte's Jewelry Box puzzle click in order on all the tiles at left column, bottom row and right column.
Take the Spooky Side Up egg from opened drawer.

Open and close the bird coffin 5 times.
Take the Reverse Chicken Ghost egg from left socket of the skull.

In Charlotte's bedroom you find the Easter egg cabinet The box can hold eggs. Place all 3 Easter Eggs found in the cabinet. Read the note that invites you to join the ghosts as a guest at Thornton Hall.

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