Nancy Drew | Secrets Can Kill (Remastered) | part 5 Final

Aunt Eloise's home:
Go home and enter the living room.
Open the TV cabinet. Turn the TV on and use the video cassette with red line on the video recorder.
Watch and see another evidence for blackmailing someone else. Jake also has plans for another source of money.
After viewing the tape, hear someone come in. Take the video cassette from recorder. Turn off TV.
Enter the foyer.
See and talk to the baddie. The baddie wants the tape. Reply with the wrong answer twice only to get more info. The third wrong answer gets you hit and a second chance.
Then respond that the tape is behind the tapestry. Remember Aunt Eloise's note about the combination.
When asked for the combination, select incorrect codes. If the correct answer is given, game ends with second chance.
Aunt Eloise's security system caught the baddie.


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