Nancy Drew | Secrets Can Kill (Remastered) | part 1_Combination lock

While on vacation in Florida, a student named Jake Rogers was killed at Paseo del Mar High School. Beech, an undercover detective asked Aunt Eloise if Nancy can go undercover and investigate the murder.

Aunt Eloise's home:
Foyer:    Look close at the note on the table under the mirror.
Read Aunt Eloise's note: the key to the library is in the safe. There's an underlined warning - Remember not to enter in a wrong combination.
Open the right drawer. Read the Sigma Phi Kappa Delta Sorority invitation.
Hallway:    Look close at the tapestry at end of the hallway left of the table.
Safe:    Move the tapestry and see a safe. The lock pad has Greek letters buttons.
Enter the name of the sorority by pressing Sigma Phi Kappa Delta.
Take the library key on the safe door.

Wooden box:    Look close at the wooden box.
Click to open the box and see a slider. Arrange the tiles to form the picture on the cover.

Read the note and learn the school computer's info:
Login name: Eloise Drew
Password: O Wise Elder
Living room:    Enter the room right of the main door.
Side table:    Look close at the end table right of the sofa. Open the drawer.

Read the note pad and learn about Jake and library books out of order. So Jake worked at the library.
Books:    Pan left and look close at books on table under the window.

Book case:
Look close at right side of the book case.
Take one of the red books at right side of the book case. See a secret compartment inside. Take the Teacher's lounge key.
Open the middle cabinet and see a TV and video recorder-player.

Detective Beech:
Click the main door to exit the house and get a call from Detective Beech.
His cover is Uncle Steve. He is at Maxine's Diner wearing glasses and striped shirt. Exit through main door.

Maxine's Diner:
Select Maxine's Diner on the map. Enter the diner.
Daryl Gray:    Talk to the young man behind the counter. Daryl is the student council president at the high school. He mentions the death of Jake.
Detective Beech:    Turn left and forward to the man sitting in a booth.

Talk to Detective Beech and learn about the murder of Jake Rogers. Jake was pushed down the stairs and had lots of money in his bank account.

Go forward to the other end of the diner by the door.
Check the menu on the table at left (or by the door). See that certain letters are in different colors.
Red:    His
Green:    Journal
Blue:    is my
Pink:    Cash Cow
Xe: R3 is written by the dessert menu.

Enter the kitchen through the double doors on the left.

Pan left and check the black tub under the spill sign. Take the soup ladle.
Pick up and read the crumpled note on the left of the tub. Connie breaks a dance date with Daryl.
Pan right and look close at the tomatoes on the cutting board. Watch out is etched on the cutting board.
Bolt cutter:    Look under the table with the tomatoes. See a bolt cutter propping a pipe.
Take the bolt cutter and see the pipe leak. Use the soup ladle as replacement pipe prop for the bolt cutter.
Work schedule:    Pan right and look close at the work schedule on the center wall shelf.
The last entry is Te: L3

Click on the torn part at bottom right and Nancy comments on it.
There is a set of letters at the bottom.
Rearrange them by reading the letters one from top line and one from bottom line and then top, bottom...
Check yer eyesight in gym.

Closing procedure:    Look close at the paper tacked on the fridge at right.
See Jake's note. There is a line of numbers at the bottom and Hg: L3.
The first number is the line on the note and the second number after the period is the position of the word on that line.
1.3 (Daryl), 8.9 (brings), 6.7 (secrets), 4.4 (to), 5.4 (diner.),
4.4 (to), 12.5 (get), 4.9 (the), 8.5 (cash), 13.6 (for), 4.6 (a), 10.8 (life), 14.5 (so), 4.10 (finer).
Daryl brings secrets to diner. To get the cash for a life so finer.
Exit the diner.

Paseo del Mar High School:
Enter the high school and look around.

Jake Rogers' locker:
Turn left from the main display and forward to front left hallway.
Look close at the locker with the torn police tape at left.
Pick up the coin on top of the padlock of the locker left of Jake's.

Combination lock:
See a padlock that needs 4 numbers.
Open the cell phone; click and select phone. Check the numbers that form the name JAKE.
Enter 5253 on the padlock.
See an empty video case.
Pull out and read the English Essay book. A Treatise on Etiquette by Prudence Rutherford is marked with a piece of paper.
Read the Judo Today magazine. Read about the unknown last minute entry that won the 5th annual men's judo tournament.
Read about a break in at the Drug Station Pharmacy. Several vials of Hectinol were taken.

Bulletin boards:

Left locker-front hallway:    Turn left and look close at the bulletin board.
See a white note. The letters-words are read right to left.
Up, down, left, right
The first letters will help my plight.
He: u2

Front left side hallway:    Turn to the left and turn the corner. Look close at the bulletin board.
See that Hal Tanaka is the honor student of the month.

See another note above Hal's picture.
Form the words by using the next set of letters with previous words.
Find the morning edition And discover another crime, The answer is in black and white to who will do the time. 
Ir: D2

Go forward and take the coin on top of the trash bin on the right.
Back left side hallway:    Look close at the bulletin board.

Read the pink call note at right side of the board.
Kr: L2
The letters are scrambled to form a cryptogram.
Sinners on a vid.

Right of Gaiser Gym:    Go forward to end of hallway and turn right. Look close at the bulletin board at left.
See 3 white notes.
K: R1

The left note is upside down.
Nowhere   to turn to,       
Nowhere to hide,  
let the  books in the library,
be your guide.
     The middle note has words                  written from right to left and                               bottom to top.
     a symbol of kanji
     worn with great pride
    reflects big secrets
    that someone must hide
The right note is upside down and written from right to left.
He did what it took
to make the grade,
Even if it meant cheating.
To keep up his charade.

Left of the women's rest room:   
Take a coin from the racket in front of the closed sports equipment window.
Eye chart:    Remember the clue seen at the diner's work schedule.
Look close at the eye chart left of the big bin.
Read the eye chart from bottom up and right to left.
If anything happens to me look in my chemistry book page three zero five.

Hector Hulk Sanchez:   
Turn around from the eye chart and talk to the young man wearing a jersey with the number 80.
Judo poster:    Turn to the right and look close at the Self Defense poster.
The Crane School of Self-Defense has judo classes for men and women of all ages.
Soda machine:    See soda machines on the right.


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