Nancy Drew | Secrets Can Kill (Remastered) | part 4_Jake's box

Boiler room:
Enter the school and go right. Turn right at side hallway and look close at the maintenance room door with a Braille lock.
The lock's keypad is in Braille. Aunt Eloise's computer states that the password is NOTE.
The library's reference area has a Braille book. Enter NOTE in Braille.
The light turns green. Enter through door.

Press the service elevator button. Go down to the boiler room.

Daryl Gray:
Exit the school and go to the diner. Talk to Daryl.
Daryl hands a note from Dillon HVAC. The note states that he has the solution to the mystery and wants a meet at the HS basement of the maintenance room.
Exit the diner and go back to the school.

Boiler room:
Enter the school and go right. Turn right at side hallway and look close at the maintenance room door with a Braille lock.
See that the boiler is in full blast and the gauges are on maximum.
The levers are padlocked.
This is a timed puzzle but you get a second chance if you run out of time.

If you have the bolt cutter, use it on the chain-padlock.
If you do not have the bolt cutter, look at the plaque bottom of right wall and see that the school was built in 1967. Enter 1967 on the padlock.

Boiler gauges:
Check the chart on the left wall and see where the gauges should be set.
Look down and open the toolbox left by the Dillon HVAC (as noted in the security report). Take the gloves.
Use the gloves on the 3 levers above the gauges. Adjust the gauges to the correct settings.
The middle gauge is at the correct setting already. The left and the right gauge need to be adjusted.
Use the gloves on the left lever 2 times.
Use the gloves on the right lever 2 times.
Use the gloves on the left lever 1 time. 

 Look around. See that the panel for the elevator is ripped off. The elevator cannot be opened.

Matches:    Look left and see a Maxine Diner cup and a book of Maxine's matches. Check the matches. See a Mercury symbol on the cover. This must be the match and the "the first step" that Jake referred to on his "Things to Remember" list.

Turn around from the matches and see a grate right of the boiler. Pick up the video cassette in front of the grate.
Exit through the grate.

Aunt Eloise's home:

Go home and enter the living room.
Open the TV cabinet. Turn the TV on and use the video cassette on the video recorder.
Watch Hunk with the Hectinol box in his locker and the masked judo winner place the trophy in the locker. See Hal copying the essay. This is what Jake used to blackmail the other students.
Take the video cassette out of the machine.

Go to diner and talk to Daryl. Daryl leaves in a huff.
Detective Beech:    Go to the booth and talk to Detective Beech about Dillon and something lost. He says it is his wallet. He really wants Jake's journal.
Confront the students:

Go back to the school. Hal already admitted his cheating.
Talk to Connie at the student union about the judo win.
Talk to Hulk by the gym about the drug station robbery. He saw Daryl Gray delivered a note to Jake.

Jake's Things to Remember continued:
Go back to the school and finish Jake's list. Go to the library and Jake's chair.
18 steps:     There are 18 letters and numbers on the 18 clues left on notes all over the place. All those notes have been collected.
Elements:    Look at the Periodic Table of the Elements on the wall above Jake's chair.
Arrange the 18 clues:
Based on the letters and digits seen in the notes, the letters on the left side of the note clues are elements. Find those letters on the periodic table.
The right sets of letters with digits are the directions.
Arrange them by the atomic numbers shown at top left of each square.

He U2 As U4 I U2

C R1 Kr L2 Xe R3
Na L3 Y D3 La U2
Cl D2 Zr R4 Hf L1
K R1 Ag D1 Ir D2
Zn D1 Te L3 Hg L3

Open the box:
Look under the chair and take out Jake's box.
See the cover of the box has buttons with symbols on them.
The match clue states that mercury symbol is the "first step".
Starting from mercury, follow the directions seen on the 18 steps.
U means up; R is go right, L is go left and D is go down.
The digits are the number of the buttons to move down to.
Start at the mercury symbol shown on the match, them Up 2; Right 1; Left 3; Down 2; R1; D1; U4; L2; D3; R4; D1; L3; U2; R3; U2; L1; D2; L3.

Take the video cassette with red line.


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