Nancy Drew | Secrets Can Kill (Remastered) | part 3_Things to Remember

Teacher's Lounge:

Security report:    Go to the printer at left and take the security report on top.
Learn that: Connie lost her backpack. Dillon HVAC Service left a toolbox at the boiler room. Hal retrieved his homework that night. Hulk and possibly Jake were arguing by the gym. Daryl Gray and other kids were caught soaping the teacher's lounge windows. At midnight, Jake was found by east stairwell.

Bulletin board:    See that the bulletin board left of the door has CL D2 on it.
Exit the teacher's lounge.

Bookcase:    Look close at bookcase right of the door.
Read about Gray Enterprises' second quarter's loss and possible leak of classified military hardware information.

Check the map on the wall.
See words on the frame of the map.
A Trophy Was Not The Only Prize But Also Money of A Greater Size. Ag D1

File cabinets:    Look close at file cabinets. Open the Senior Final Papers drawer.
Pull out Tanaka, Hal's folder. Nancy comments that it is exactly like the one in Jake's locker.
This must be the one referred to by the note at right front hallway board and the right note on the board by Gaiser Gym.

Exit the teacher's lounge.
Mitch Dillon:
Get a threatening phone call from Mitch Dillon.
Use the cell phone. Click menu and select phone. Press call button under Mitch Dillon's name.
Talk to Mitch Dillon. He denies threatening Nancy.

Let's finally go to the library. Turn right from the lounge and enter the study dome. Turn left to the back hallway.
Use Aunt Eloise's key taken from the safe door on the library lock.
If you read every available active book in the library, you might get an award.

Go right pass the Information Desk. Turn right behind the Information Desk and check the magazines.
Read the Sports Today magazine. Learn about Hectinol, a human growth hormone. Nancy comments about it being stolen from the Drug Station.
This must be what is referred by the clue on the front left side hallway board.

Reference books:
Turn around from the magazines and check the reference books on the nearest bookcase.
Kanji:    Pull out the K red-white Encyclopedia Americana from top left shelf.
Learn that the medallion Connie is wearing is Kanji for crane. Remember the Judo poster by the soda machine and the middle clue on the board outside the gym.
Take the coin above the R Encyclopedia Americana.
Braille:    Pull out the B of the Global Book at top right shelf.
Remember that the maintenance door has a Braille keypad and that the password learned from Aunt Eloise's computer is NOTE.

Maps: Turn right from the reference bookcase. Look close at the cabinet at the corner.
Remember the clue on the student union's board.
Open the fifth drawer from top. Pull out the paper behind the map.

Red letters:    If anything happens to me sear
Blue letters:    ch under my combo in catalog
Na: L3

Computers:    Go to the computers at back side of the room and right of stairs.
Catalog search:    Let's follow Jake's map clue. Click on a monitor.
Enter the combination to his locker on the catalog search line: 5253. Click on Go.
See Evidence by J. Rogers - Under My Seat - Reference.
Let's look for Jake's seat.

Jake's chair:    Go forward and see a table with a yellow pad with "Jake was here".
Chemistry book:    Remember the eye chart clue. It states page 305 of the chemistry book.
Open the book and read Jake's Things to Remember:
* The answer to my fate lies in the box.
* A matchbook behind Maxine's schedule holds the first step.
* My messages hold the remaining 18 steps.
* The Elements tell the order.
* The letter and digit tell the direction.
Jake's Things to Remember:
Box:    Check "under my seat" clue by looking under the chair at right.
See a box with symbols. We can come back to this later.

Hulk Sanchez:
Go outside the gym and talk to Hulk (if you haven't yet) about his injury.
Hal Tanaka:
Talk to Hal at the study dome about his essay.

Connie Watson:
Turn around from Hal and go to the student union down the hallway. Talk to Connie about her medallion and money.

Daryl Gray:
Exit the school and go to the diner. Talk to Daryl.
Learn that the detective lost something at the diner and accused them of stealing it.
He has an internship at his father's company's computer department.


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