Nancy Drew | The White Wolf of Icicle Creek | part 8

Avalanche Ridge - Exit the lodge. Go left, left at the corner of the lodge, left again at next corner and right to the path that has no sign.

After the Avalanche Ridge sign, use the snowshoes. See it at top left of the screen.
Go forward following the wolf tracks. Hear a shotgun blast and a wolf howl.
After hearing the shotgun blast, look left at a dark crater. Pick up the notebook left of the crater. Read it later when out of the cold.

Turn right and continue forward until the shack. You might or might not need to use the toasty pack given by Freddie to keep warm.
Shack's lock - Look close at the lock on the shack door.
Enter the lock code deciphered from the note inside the pocket of the coat given by the wolf.

 Junior level = 6 5 1 2

Senior level = 7 9 1 4

Inside the shack - Go forward and look around.

Notebook taken from crater - Read the notebook taken from the crater and see that someone has the taken pictures of the dinosaur bones in the lodge and also the drawing of the missing rexes bone.

Diary - Take and read the diary of the man that lived here in the shack - Julius McQuade.
Learn about the wolf, Isis and how they interacted. Isis follows commands. She can also sort objects by scents by dropping the object near another object with the same scent. Isis saved Julius' life by bringing a heavy coat when he got lost in the storm; just like what she did to Nancy. He got sick and went to Pinevale hospital.

Isis - After reading the diary, meet Isis. Click on Isis to calm her down.
Toasty packs - Take a toasty pack from the cupboard on the table.
Pan right and get another toasty pack from the cot. Take the weird thing from top of the sack also. It has a phone number on it - 334 555 7625.

Bone key - Go left of the cot and see that there's an indentation on the wall shaped like the rex bone in the lodge.
Exit and hear an explosion. Go forward back to the lodge. 

Call Pinevale Hospital to find out what happened to Julius McQuade.
Go back upstairs and get the laundry bag from the main desk's closet.
Go upstairs and do the housekeeping. Keep used washcloths from each of the 3 guests or any that are available.

Isis test - Go back to Isis at the shack pass Avalanche Ridge.
Give the notebook with pictures to Isis. She holds it in her mouth.
Then click Ollie's rag and each of the guest's washcloths (Bill K, Yanni V, Lou T) on the floor or on Isis. 

Go back to the lodge.
Tino's report - Read the report found on the bench by the coat rack. Tino said that Lou Talbot was arrested for digging up dinosaur bones from private property.

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