Twiter Trivia - Tornado Quiz | Nancy Drew : Trail of the Twister

Go to the door underneath the stairwell.
Go down to the cellar.

Tornado quiz:   

Alert when a tornado is spotted:    
 C. Tornado warning.

Average tornado in a year:    
 C. 1000.

Tornado measurement system:    
D. F-scale

Least safe place in public place:     
B. A large room.

Emergency tornado plan:    
A. Disaster kit.

Not indicative of a tornado:    
C. Downburst.

Percentage of EF4 (wind gusts of 166-200 mph) or EF5 (wind speeds of 201+mph) tornadoes per year:    
A. 1%.

Cause of most injuries in a tornado:    
D. Flying debris.

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