Circular murals | Nancy Drew: Tomb of the Lost Queen

On the left wall are 4 circular murals.
Go to the first mural and see that the heads can be rotated above the body of the depicted god.

Review the riddle paper Jamila gave you:

They arrive on six feet or soaring wings, with a howl or a bleat, the ancient reptile leading the way.

Underneath a blazing sun, the jackal joins the mix of hearts that stand as one betwixt the sky and the Underworld.

Dressed in red, she is joined by the child. As the evening dew appears in the cat's footprints, they learn of knowledge (looks like a snake to me).

Drawn onward by the steadfast cow, a throne accompanied by hieroglyphs arrives the balance of the mother.

Based on above clues and information from the Pantheon:

First circle: Change head to ancient alligator. 

Second circle:Falcon. 

Third circle: Lion or cat. 

Fourth circle: Woman with sun disk. 

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