Translate the hieroglyphs | Nancy Drew: Tomb of the Lost Queen

Wall hieroglyphs :

As for the one who broke the seal agonies of death await you.

This is the Tomb of Nefertari

Sons of Horus hieroglyph:

Come ye hither gods in the train of Horus
and let the steps ascend
We are the four of Horus
I am the air that sweeps up the Nile
I am the hunter who faces to greet
The new day
I am Imsety protector of the south
I am the cry that soars towards the setting sun together we the gods in the train of Horus guard the corners

Sarcophagus chest plate:

The procession of gods begins the reveal
Seek them out under the protection of the heavens

Second coffin Hieroglyphic:

Seven treasures of her making
Four to lead the people
Three to follow her path
Divided by duty old preceding young
Recall them here and reach within

Papyrus scraps hieroglyphs:

Cat coffin hieroglyphs:

In the hall of two truths they shall be judged
only the one found to be as light as the feather of Maat unburdened as the others shall open the threshold

True tomb:

The path lies in destiny

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