Water well maze | Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice

1. From the map pull back and turn right around the corner.
Turn around and see the circle water well.
We want to go across based on the map.
Go forward and see that the water is down.
Turn left and fill this circle well by turning the wheel counterclockwise.
Now cross the bridge.

2. Now we're in #2 in the map.
Turn to the right just after crossing the floating bridge.
We want to go to point 3.
Drain the circle well by turning the wheel clockwise.
Turn left and go down the ladder one level down.
Turn around and cross the bridge.

3. We are now in point 3.
Time to empty this circle well.
Turn to the right and turn the wheel clockwise to drain circle well.

4. Turn left and go down the ramp to see triangle well.
Cross the bridge.
We are now point 4 at the map.
Immediately turn to the right.
Turn the wheel to drain the triangle well in preparation for #8.

5. Go up the ramp to see a drained diamond well.
Turn left and fill the triangle well so we can go across.

6. Cross the bridge and be at point 6.
Turn right and drain the triangle well.
Go to the ladder and go down to the next level.

7. Cross the bridge.
We are now at point 7 of the diamond well.
Turn right and drain the diamond well.

8. Go down the ramp to point 8 and see the floating bridge.
Do not cross.
Turn left and drain triangle well.

9. Go back up the ramp to diamond well.
See that there is a floating bridge here caused by draining the other well.
Cross the bridge and go up the ladder to point 9.
Turn around and forward.
Turn left and let us fill diamond well.
Go back to the ladder and climb up.

10. We are now in point 10.
Turn around and forward to the wheel.
Turn left and fill diamond well so we can get to the ultimate ladder.

Ladder: Cross the bridge and see the passage on the left.
Go forward, left and climb the ladder.
Safe place (at last in more ways than one):

Light: Turn around from the ladder. We need light.
Look close at that faint yellow thing at left. Take the flashlight.

Take the flashlight from the stand. Pull back.
Take the flashlight from inventory and click it forward until the metal door.

The loot:
See a keypad. Use the numbers taken from the microdot of the pigeon message.
Press 4 3 5 5 6.
Enter through the metal door. See a crate. Check the crate and see that it is mailed to one seen at the postcard and mailed dropped after a smashing encounter your first day here.

Check what is inside and see Carnevale mask. Open one and see the loot.

The door is closed, water starts flowing.

Save yourself: Go to the left and look close at the gauges.
You need to place the gauge all at the center line.
Be sure that when you adjust the gauges that you do not have any reach the top or the game ends.
After studying what gauge affects others: (left to right):

Do this fast:
Click 2 down clockwise twice.
Click 1 up counterclockwise 5 times.
Click 3 down clockwise 3 times.
Click 5 up counterclockwise 4 times only.
Click 4 down clockwise twice only.
Click 5 up counterclockwise once.
Click 4 down clockwise twice. Whew!
Exit, climb rope ladder and report.

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