Escape from photo lab | Nancy Drew: The Deadly Device

Exit the workshop. Someone hits Nancy on the head.
Nancy wakes up at the photo lab. There is a bar at top right of screen that shows the air content of the room.
Intercom:    Use the intercom right of door. Press the talk button and hear Ellie. She says she's also locked in. She's in the control booth. Ellie says to use the air duct.
Air duct:    Turn right and see a ribbon hanging from the air vent in the ceiling.
Click on the air vent to climb up to the air duct. It's hot in here.

Amateur:    Go F, F, F, L, F (173), R, L (121), L, R, R, L, R, R (005), L and F to vent on floor.

Master:    Go F, first  L, F, R, F, R, L, L, L, R, R, L, L, R, L, L, R, R, far R, R, L, R, L. Go to the vent on the floor.

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