Coded chess puzzle | Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice

Learn that Scaramuccia likes to use the algebraic style of chess notation.
The main question to be presented to Scaramuccia is Palazzo Zattere.
Review the Chess book bought at the kiosk. Study the graph of columns and rows of letters-numbers that can be used as codes. Zattere is coded this way;

 Z = KB1, A =  KA4, T = KD2, T = KD2, E = KE4, R = KB2, E = KE4.

Click on the chess piece icon and play with Scaramuccia.
Using the chess notation codes, type in using your keyboard as answers to Scaramuccia postings:  

KB1, KA4, KD2, KD2, KE4, KB2, KE4. 
Press enter after each answer.

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