Swapping Letters Puzzle | Nancy Drew: The Captive Curse

Castle Foyer

Talk with Lukas again, informing him that Karl is distracted. Once Lukas leaves pick up the paper he left behind.

Click on the coded area of the paper for a closer view, and to trigger the puzzle. Switch letters from the same vertical column to form words, once a word is correct, it will lock in place.

Once you've completed the clue, visit the locations it mentions to verify the code letters. They are as follows:
*--Upstairs Portrait of Else-- Go up the left set of stairs leading to Nancy's Room and examine the painting (use the DICTIONARY on the plaque to translate it). Note the letter “G” in the painting.
*--Florist Letter-- Go outside to the Courtyard and examine the door of the Florist (use the DICTIONARY for translating the signs as needed). Note the letter “D”.
*--Hallway Bookstand-- Enter the hallway leading to Karl's Office and examine the alcoves until you find the one with the book. Note the letter “B”.
*--Castle Gate's Bell-- Return to the Courtyard and exit the castle gate, then turn around and look at the doorbell on the right. Note the letter “G”.
*--Furnace-- Return to the Glass Shop and open the furnace as per usual and look immediately above the lever. Note the letter “A”.
The code letters are: GDBGA.

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