Nancy Drew | Secrets Can Kill (Remastered)| part 2_Teacher's Lounge

Bulletin boards continued:
Outside the library:    Turn back to hallway and go left at the back hallway.
Go forward to the display outside the Memorial Library.
Check the student art exhibit boards. Take a coin from the woman in silhouette's magnifying lens.

Left library board:    Look close at the bulletin board left of the library door.
The note at left side of the board is written from right to left in reverse.
Grape grape
orange cool
will play the alarm
in the school
Zr: R4

Right library board:    Look close at the bulletin board right of the library door.

The note at right side of the board is written in numbers.
Count off the letters in the alphabet to decipher this note.
cool, cool
pop, spot
Y: D3

Hal Tanaka:
Go forward to the Study Dome at end of right hallway. Talk to Hal. He wants to be a doctor.
Bulletin boards continued:
Study Dome board:    Look close at the bulletin board at left end of the windows.
Check the Paseo HS news left of the Earth Day poster.

The note is written in reverse and right to left.
The hidden video tape will seal my murderers fate.
C: R1

Pick up the coin on the floor left of the trash bin.
Turn around from the board. Take a coin 2 tables right of Hal.
Take coin from top of the recyclable cans bin.
Pan right and take the coin top of the fire extinguisher at right.

Back right hallway:
Enter the hallway right of the recyclable cans bin.
Check the bulletin board at left. Look close at the blue and white note under the Get Involved sign at right side.

The words are separated at the center by clear line.
A crane contestant in a masked disguise, won the prize money despite the lies.
AS: U4

Front right hallway:    Go forward and take coin from the left drinking water fountain.
Look close at the board right of the entrance of the student's lounge.
Look close at the Senior Essay Contest note.

Certain letters are underlined. Combine them to form words and then sentences.
put elements in order to open puzzle Zn: D1

Student's Union board:    Turn around. Enter the lounge between the 2 bulletin boards here at the right hallway.
Look close at the bulletin board at right. Look close at the pink note partly covered by the Victory sign at bottom left.

Read the words formed by the first letters of each line.
Fifth map drawer La: U2

Connie Watson:
Talk to Connie, the school monitor. Talk to her several times until Nancy stops the conversation.
Learn about Daryl, Hal and Hulk.
Teacher's lounge:
Try to enter the Teacher's lounge door left of the bulletin board and Connie stops you.

Hal Tanaka:
Go back to Hal at the student's dome. Talk to him again about everyone.
Learn about Hulk's injury and the bankruptcy of Daryl's father.

Hulk Sanchez:
Go back to Gaiser Gym at other side of the building. Talk to Hulk about the other students.

Soda machine:    Look close at the soda machine.
Remember the clue noted on the right bulletin board outside the library.
Do not add any coins or click on the coin slot of the machine.
Press cool, cool, pop, spot, grape.
Take a confidential Easter egg. Also get 80 coins added to your stash.

Get Connie the monitor out of the student's union:
There's a soda machine here. It is time to distract Connie away from the lounge.
Remember the clue on the left board outside the library.
Do not add any coins or click on the coin slot of the machine.
Press: Grape grape orange cool
Hear the alarm go off. Hulk says to call Connie.
Go to the student union: go to hallway, left at next hallway, right and enter the student union.
Talk to Connie about other things and the alarm.

Connie Watson:
Connie leaves to fix the alarm.
Read her notebook. Learn about her feelings for someone.

Teacher's Lounge:
Use the teacher's lounge key taken from Aunt Eloise's secret book on the locked door.
Enter and look around.

Computer:    Turn right and click on the computer monitor or keyboard or mouse.
Using your keyboard enter user name: Eloise Drew and password: O Wise Elder.
Press Ok.
Check the printer. Click Ok to print the security report.
Check mail and learn that Jake has bulletin board duty.
Check password and learn that maintenance room's password is NOTE.
Check the To Do list and learn that Dillon HVAC is needed for boiler service.


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