Nancy Drew | The Haunting of Castle Malloy | Part 5_leprechauns


Walk right Donal further into the room and you see two ways to play.
It costs 1 coin to play. So save your game beforehand. If you lose, you at least not lose money and you can try again.

--Darts Away:
Study well how many points are obtained when an area is hit.
The object of the game is to get 000 after using all the darts.
The scoring is a subtraction from the initial points seen at top right by the points of a hit area.
Red bulls eye = 50, Green bulls eye = 25, Inner ring = number hit x3, Outer ring = number hit x2, Black or white areas = the number hit.
It is best to hit areas that have a higher score first and then hit the lower score areas close to the end. Hit outside for zero points.
Take the blue dog doll as prize.

Easter Egg found by catsmom (optional):
Get 4 bulls eyes to get a score of 200. Throw the following darts off the board to get 0 score except the last one. Use the last dart to hit the 1 slot to get a score of 201.
Back out and get a greenish egg.

--Difference Detective: Senior and junior differ in the puzzles shown.
Click on the token slot to start the game. Save the game so that you can replay to win and not lose money or you have to make more coins.
Take the whistle when you win. Any additional wins will get more tokens.
If you win all difference game, you will get a star at end of the game.


Go back to the castle and walk into the Great Hall.
Fortune Telling machine: Now that you have tokens, get your fortune told.
Click on the slot to automatically insert 3 tokens on the machine right of the door.
Take a wood weight from the bin. We now have the 2 weights missing from the scale in the library.
Read your fortune on the paper under the weight.

Table Arrangement
Walk to Kit Foley. Tell them you've heard how he came to his black eye.
He refuses to reveal where he and Matt were arguing about. He says it was simply an accident.

Then he asks you perhaps the seats for the dinner guests to arrange.
The idea is that you on the guest card indicates, whose side who get caught.
The map is in your inventory. Open it and read the instructions that are written there.
The Junior and Senior Solution are exactly alike. You get nothing other evidence.

If you put all the plaques on their site, go back to Kit. Ask him whether he wants to look at the map. Is there an error, it will indicate which side of the table.

You put everyone in the right place, he will tell this to Nancy. He then gives her a book he found in Matthew's room.
View Brehon Law Book. Here the ranking of the community described Leprechaun. Leprechaun in any type, you see a four leaf clover, whether or not a dark leaf.

Library - Kyler
Ask Matt and Kyler on which they were fighting on the day that Matt disappeared. She says she no longer knows. They had every day one or other altercation.

Go to the desk at end of the room. Look close at the scale.

Scale puzzle: The aim of the puzzle is to place all the weights on the 3 scales and have them all balanced.
Take the graph in the drawer to use as clues in calculating and placing of the weights.
Left pan: Iron, silver and mahogany
Middle pan: Brass, copper and ironwood
Right pan: Lead, zinc and oak
The secret drawer opens. Take the stone tile.

Castle grounds: Exit the castle.

Go left from the main door and enter the gardens.
Check the book found in the nursery by Kit. Note that the leprechauns' shamrocks are similar to that in the book. Each of the paragraph starts with an elaborate first letter.

Turn the leprechauns based on the shamrocks.
F = forward facing, R = face right, L = face left and B = back is turned.
L-R: R, L, B, F, R, B and F.
Take the Kyler doll, token and the blue, green and red gems from the bird's nest.


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