Text stand 2 - Leap of Faith | Adam's Venture 1 : The Search for the Lost Garden

Go through the left bridge and the torch is doused.
Arrange the text of the 3 rings on the stand.

Everything can distract you.
Look beyond the material world.
Take the leap of faith.

The 2 waterfalls stop flowing. Go back to the central fire stand. Ignite the doused torch.

Find the Hidden Key:
Go to the right gate. Ignite the unlit fire stand and the metal door opens.

Enter the gate at right. Go to the end of the tunnel. Get a key on the floor at end of the tunnel.

Go back outside and go to the middle gate. Use the key on gate.

Find the Leap of Faith secret:
See gushing waterfall and large gap to the other side.
Go down to the ledge on the side (facing you) to be on the water. Walk down and around to the water below.

Go under the waterfall and then right to be under the ramp. See a drawing on the wall of a man leaping over a gap.
Go left and see a chest.
Open the chest and see the Day 2 code: firmament.

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