Text stand 1 - Faith, Hope and Love | Adam's Venture 1 : The Search for the Lost Garden

So these three things remain,
Faith, Hope and Love.
But the greatest of these is Love.

The gates to the 3 caves (Faith, Hope and Love) at back wall rise.
Check all the caves. The stand is a clue.
If you enter the wrong cave, Adam dies. Another chance is given.

Find the Faith, Hope and Love secret:  

Enter the Love cave at right. See what happens to the flying dark something. The gate drops down and prevents the flying dark thing to enter the Love cave.

See green sparkles left of the steps. Jump up to that shelf while standing at top of the steps of the Love cave.

Open the chest. You have found the Day 1 code. The code is light.
Go down to the central cave and look around.

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