Charlotte's Jewelry Box | Nancy Drew: Ghost of Thornton Hall

Explore Charlotte's bedroom
Look around. Turn left and look close at the writing table left of bed.

Diary:    Read the leather bound diary right side of writing table. Learn that Charlotte is worried about someone close to slipping off the edge (maybe Harper). Charlotte kept her papers in a safe place. The first door of that safe place is opened by a clue from Franklin's Memorial.
Amateur:    Each of the 4 edges is equal to the plaque's first and seventh numbers side by side
Master:    The top and bottom edges are equal to the day of his death, the day of his dedication equal to either side.

(Take the clock phone charm hanging on the candlestick.)
Jewelry box:   Open the top of the jewelry box.
Invitation:    Read the Masquerade Ball invitation. Charlotte's 21 years old birthday party is to be held on 30th of October.
Check the menu at the other side of the invitation. Yum... Grilled shrimps, fried chicken and pork tenderloin.
Take the small key.

Panel:    Look close-click at the panel in front of the box at left side of the writing desk. Something is missing.
Use colored tile on the tile puzzle. Nancy says to trace a path from top left corner to top right corner.
Remember the sequence of the colored tiles on Beauregard's headstone.

Amateur:    Click on the colored tiles in sequence: purple, green, dark blue and light blue and make a path from top left to top right.

Master:    Click on the colored tiles in sequence: purple, light green, dark green, dark blue and light blue.

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