Nancy Drew | Warnings at Waverly Academy | part 7_Piano keys

Take the Musical Notation book. Read the book.
Remember that Rita Hallowell's notes in the journal mentions 1st low bass, then coloratura. The book states that Coloratura Soprano's range is from C4 to F6 and Low Bass's range is from C2 to F4.

Piano: Look close at the piano keys.
Based on the book and the notations on the lamp shades, play the piano.
Press the keys noted on the right lampshade for the low bass and the keys noted on the left lampshade for the coloratura keys.
- Click on the left side of the piano keys.
- Play the right lampshade keys (low bass): D2 A2 B2 D3 F3 A2 C2

- Pull back. Click on the right side of the piano keys.
- Play the left lampshade keys (coloratura): E6 A5 B5 C5 E5 B4 C5 G4 C4

A secret compartment opens. Take the cat sunburst token.

Celebratory Dinner:
Review the second to the last page of Hallowell's journal.
With a Celebratory Dinner, an elegant nine course meal serf with perfect etiquette. I bid the last of them farewell.

Victorian Dinner display case: Go to the display case across the door of the library.
See that the Menu card of am 1871 Celebratory Dinner was checked out by Leela Yadav.

Go to Rec room and talk to Leela.
She will give the 1871 dinner menu if you beat her in a game.
Choose the game you want to play and beat Leela.
Pick up the menu.

Izzy: Talk to Izzy in the library.

Victorian Menu:
Go to the computer. Do a search using Menu as the search word.
See that Formal Victorian Dining: The Right Fork for the Menu by Demetria Espinoza was checked out by Rachel Hubbard.

Rachel: Go to Rachel's bedroom and talk to her about the book.
She is using the book right now. But if Nancy gets her math notebook from Mel, she can work on that while she loans you the Menu book.

Mel: Go to Mel's bedroom and ask about the math notebook. Mel left it in the library.

Library: Look around for the notebook.
Lost and Found: Look at the Lost and Found drawer left of the reception counter.
There is numeric lock and MMDCXLI is etched on the wood.
If you need help in translating the Roman numerals, check the book displayed on the reception counter.
Look close at the lock. Enter the translated MMDCXLI = 2641.
Take the calculus notebook.

Rachel: Go to Rachel and give her the calculus notebook.
Take the Formal Victorian Dining: The Right Fork for the Menu book.
Read the book and learn the different fork, spoon and knife used in a Victorian Menu.
Take a student ID card at page 41 of the book.

Using the Formal Victorian Dining book, find out the flatware used in the 1871 Celebratory Menu.

Open the Celebratory Dinner display cabinet using the key taken from the snack shop storage closet.
Pull down-click the flatware as shown on the chart in the order used during the 1871 Celebratory Menu.
Take the gorilla sunburst token.

Go to Nancy and Corine's bedroom. Talk to Corine.


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